Four Best Gemstones for Good Feng Shui 

Gemstones used in feng shui

Best gemstones for Feng Shui  The best gemstones for Feng Shui are usually subject to expertise. When people think of Feng Shui, they think of rearranging their furniture, their house’s entry and exit points, or other placements. While some of it is true, Feng Shui is more than that. With the help of gemstones, you can change and enhance your space’s energetics and shift your vibration or energy. 

How Gemstones Complement Feng Shui 

Gemstones have been used for centuries to align energies, clear chakras, and enhance one’s career, love life, and life.

Gemstones, therefore, complement feng shui because they help clear the qi of our homes. Many feng shui specialists carry a set of gems to both enhance and empower their qi.

You don’t need a Feng Shui expert to receive crystals or gemstones’ “vibrational” benefits. Incorporating certain gemstones allows you to control your space or life’s magnetic pull and appeal by inducing healing and cleaning. 

Four Best Gemstones for Good Feng Shui

Here is our list of the four best gemstones for good feng shui:

    1. Emerald

Emerald gemstones are connected to the Zhen, or family, and support domestic bliss, happiness, and harmony.

Moreover, emeralds work with the heart chakra, which opens the heart to growth, kindness, and rejuvenation.

    1. Amethyst

Amethyst crystals are connected to Xun, otherwise known as wealth. The royal purple hue of amethyst stones activates the crown chakra and invites generosity, abundance, and prosperity.

Another benefit of amethyst stones is that they can block negative energy. Therefore, you can place an amethyst stone at the entrance or living room of your home, office, or the space(s) where you spend most of your time.

    1. Citrine

Citrine stones are known for their ability to bring stability. This means it can contain any negative vibrations and clear them. It is also a great stone to get you into balance and keep you grounded. 

    1. Jade 

Jade gemstones are used in many cultures, especially Asian households, for their beauty, durability, and protective qualities.

While a simple jade stone can do wonders, many people prefer carving jade stones into meaningful symbols such as birds and tortoises for long life, success, and abundance. 

It is also an excellent gemstone for growth and harmony. Make sure to place the jade stone in spaces where you spend most of your time, such as your office or living room.

Feng Shui isn’t restricted to just these four gemstones. Several other gemstones can enhance Feng Shui. It merely depends on what you wish to attain, and with our help, we can guide you on which gems can help you achieve your goals.

Feel free to give us a call or message us to know more about how gemstones can help you achieve certain goals related to your career, love life and other relationships.

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