Fortune Tellers and Gemstones

fortune teller using gemstones

Fortune Tellers and Gemstones: The Healing Wand Of People

No matter which part of the world you reside in, when talks of alternative therapies arise, gemstones or healing crystals tend to top the lists.

This is because crystals or fossilized minerals contain several healing properties. From healing the mind, body, and soul from impurities to instilling peace and prosperity; there is nothing gemstones can’t do. 

Even before gemstones or healing crystals became popular in the modern world, they were used by healing practitioners in ancient forms of medicine in various parts of Asia and South America, like in India, Thailand, Chile, and Peru. 

Due to the growing popularity of self-care and healing practices, gemstones are becoming more and more popular in today’s world. Naturally, with the lifestyle we are accustomed to, it is normal to feel blockages in all areas of our body, mind, and soul. Therefore, people use gemstones and crystal therapies to remove the blockage and maintain a stable flow of energy within their mind, and  bodies.

How do Gemstones work?

According to experts, gemstones act as a medium of healing that allows positive energy to flow into your body and pulls out the harmful or toxic energy from your body.

Similarly, in other forms of therapy or psychic healing, gemstones work by channeling your energy levels and as a result, heal your body from the inside.

Moreover, crystals can induce a placebo effect on the body, which a scientific study has proven effective as a medical treatment.

Each gemstone has a particular vibration or frequency which arises from its molecular composition. The vibrations in these stones transfer to the body and help uplift our mood, mind, and health while also absorbing the negative energy from our body like a magnet.

Since gemstones and crystals are extracted naturally, they naturally possess the energies of the sun, moon, ocean, and stars to improve our state. For instance, when a psychic works a crystal over your body like a psychic healing wand, you can feel it interacting with your body (and its chakras). Using it in a certain way can also improve your creativity, concentration, and overall well-being.

In other words, crystals or gemstones vibrate at the same pitch as humans do. This enhances one’s capacity for healing and balances misaligned energies. 

Why do Psychics Use Gemstones? 

Have you ever wondered why some psychics or fortune tellers use gemstones in their readings? 

Gemstones are powerful tools to enhance one’s ability to activate senses and amplify positive vibrations. Consequently, it helps fortune tellers achieve a higher level of consciousness, promotes wisdom, and it helpd them align spiritually. 

This heightens their senses and ability to communicate with the universe’s energies. 

In other words, crystals and gemstones can help open your psychic channels; you are more likely to receive intuitive messages, power, and abilities. Several gemstones or crystals can be used for intuition or communicating with one’s energies; some of them are:

  1. Clear Quartz

As the name suggests, Clear Quartz is a clear crystal and is regarded as the master of manifesting. This powerful stone connects to all your chakras and helps you understand what a spirit wants to communicate to you while you do your reading.

Experts insist on saying a brief prayer when using this stone; that way the spirit will tell you what to say and how to manifest your desires. 

  1. Black Tourmaline

The Black Tourmaline is a glistening black rock that acts as the master protector from negativity; be it vibrations or blockages. This beautiful black gemstone is connected to the root chakra and can help absorb dark energy or expel it from the body while doing readings.

Moreover, it also protects one from electromagnetic frequencies as well as physical, mental, and emotional pain or anxiety. 

  1. Amethyst

Amethyst stones are excellent guardians and guides of all things psychic/intuitive. The deep purple hue of the stone aligns with the Third Eye or the Crown Chakra and is said to be a powerful conduit for divine energy.

Amethyst stones bring the clarity necessary for both physical and spiritual energies during each reading, while also giving strength, stability, and a profound sense of Oneness with the Spirit.

  1. Celestite

This soft blue stone focuses on the third eye chakra and the throat The Celestite stone invokes truth and open communication and calms emotions when establishing a direct connection with a spirit or a celestial being. In other words, you might refer to it as the guardian angel who opens your mind and eyes to  divine enlightenment during readings.

  1. Rose Quartz

The gentle pink tint of the Rose Quartz aligns with the heart chakra. If you want to inspire empathy, compassion, love, or healing then a Rose Quartz can be used like an energy healing wand to uplift the soul and initiate reconciliation. Fortune tellers and psychics love the Rose Quartz as it helps to heal those who have lost themselves during a difficult time. 

  1. Labradorite

Labradorite is a gem that emits energy that clears out any negativity and replaces it with positive energy. 

Since Labradorite is connected to the throat, third eye, and crown chakra, it empowers people with telepathic abilities and helps them access their divine insight. It is also used to establish emotional balance and steadiness during intense reading which helps bring out the best in people.

  1. Citrine

The Citrine stone is a powerful gem that embraces radiant energy during readings. Since it is connected to the sacral chakras, this yellow-orange stone helps create hope, joy, and success. It also brings mental clarity which acts as a form of guidance. Additionally, it also boosts one’s willpower and self-esteem, which makes it the ideal healing crystal that helps in manifesting good fortune in everything. 

  1. Azurite

The deep blue gemstone is regarded as a biblical stone that helps people align their energies with the throat and the Third-Eye Chakra. Azurite is one of the most popular crystal healing products among fortune tellers because it is believed to expose the truth in everything and boost psychic vibrations. 

  1. Lapis Lazuli

Like Azurite, Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue stone connecting the throat and the third eye chakra. With this magical gemstone, psychics can sharpen their focus and direct their spiritual guidance. Not only does it help the reader and the querent to see what is true, and make authentic connections, it also helps them remain calm while forging these connections.

  1. Malachite

Malachite are stones that are linked to the Heart Chakra. This gemstone activates your psychic abilities and protects your auric field. If you’re looking for a gemstone that shields you from negative energy or helps you manifest a desired transformation, then Malachite is the gemstone for you. 

In summary, gemstones are a medium to connect with the divine, whether in vibrations, energy, or in some unexplainable form. Most fortune tellers will always have three to four gemstones ready on their table at all times, but others believe in the power of all gemstones and house them all for optimal results. 

We have Seven Chakras Healing Wands that offer numerous psychic healing benefits to its users. If you’d like to connect with your divine self or wish to eliminate blockages and negativity, connect with us and we’ll help you find the suitable stone. 

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