Buzios, the place to be this summer and winter!

Beach in Brazil


Buzios, otherwise known as Armacao de Buzios, is a scenic beach town situated 110 miles northeast of Rio de Janeiro. It is a popular destination for locals as well as tourists because of its perfect weather, local cuisine, party scenes, and picturesque beaches.

What to do in Buzios

There are several things that you can do in Buzios, here are some of our top recommendations.

1. Visit Rua das Pedras.

In the heart of Buzios, you will find Rua das Pedras, which is a cobblestone street that houses some of the best and trendiest restaurants and shops. During the day, you can enjoy the cafes, interact with the locals, and even check out some of the fishing hubs nearby. In the evening, things get a little spicy with the nightclub scenes, so you can plan your day as per your choice.

2. Check out Joao Fernandes Beach.

Joao Fernandes Beach is one of the busiest beaches in Buzios since it is a swimming and snorkeling hub.

3. Don’t miss the Orla Bardot Boardwalk.

The Orla Bardot boardwalk is a picturesque broadwalk made of cobblestone that connects the Armacao beach with Rua das Pedras, You will find the broadwalk lined by benches and an ocean view. It is the perfect place to explore famous statues by Christina Motta and restaurants 

Where to stay in Buzios

Our top picks to stay in Buzios are:


      1. Buzios Beach Resort: This is one of the largest hotels in Buzios and is situated close to Tucuns Beach. Here you can enjoy some private time with your family and spend time at the pool while still enjoying the beachfront.

      1. Insolito Hotel: a private beach, two private pools, and luxury—what more could you ask for if you’re a private person? Located on the Ferradura beach, you will enjoy this luxury hotel and spa if you love swimming privately while still getting a peep of the beach.

      1. Pedra da Laguna: This is another high-end hotel boutique that offers all the luxuries at your fingertips. 

      1. Airbnb: While many people enjoy spending on luxuries during their stay in Buzios, there are other ways to enjoy the beaches on a budget. With AirBnB, you can explore rooms or houses on rent.

    Buzios is a busy and happening place, especially in front of water activities. It is a hotspot for locals and tourists because of the perfect weather year-round. Moreover, its beauty and serenity contribute to the buzz.

    If you would like to know more about Buzios, such as what to do in Buzios, where to stay in Buzios or what to eat, feel free to reach out! There are other hidden gems in Brazil that we’d like for you to explore here.

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