Gemstones are nature’s gift to mankind. These stones carry significance in terms of healing properties, appeal, and mystical forces.  Since the Stone Age, people were amazed by the beauty and healing properties of these gems.
The ancient Egyptians wore gemstone charms and amulets as a positive manifestation carrier for spiritual healing and warding off evil spirits. Most gemstones heal, guide, and protect people from harm and, in some cases, also help foresee the future. 

Nowadays, gemstones are used in crystal therapy and astrological readings to unblock chakras and manifest our hearts’ desires. Our gemstone experts claim these precious Brazilian hand crafted gemstones should be worn concerning your planetary alignment to obtain better results.

Here at ZonaBrazil, we are ready to help you find a suitable gemstone, and explore the mystical benefits of these beauties. Our gemstone experts will be pleased to help you navigate our inventory on every step of the way.